How to choose a unique gift idea

Sometimes unique personalized gifts giving can feel like trying to negotiate your way through an obstacle course blindfolded.

It can be more difficult to get along with someone for a longer time. After all, you will have given them many gifts over the years such as Christmas presents, birthday cards, and other gifts.

You don’t want to give the same gift you gave a few years ago. How do you pick a gift that is unique and will be appreciated?

Here are some suggestions to help you get started.

1. You can link your gift with a favorite hobby or past time in a creative way

Instead of taking your friend to karaoke, why not give them a recording artist experience that allows them to become a pop star?

You might also consider if your friend is more inclined to make a practical joke than do something original that has been done many times before.

A spoof newspaper frontpage can be created that looks totally convincing and will raise a smile.

2. Choose a gift that reflects one of their personality characteristics

You are looking for something to suit the ultra-competitive person who is always striving for perfection? They are the type you know. If they don’t win, they won’t play! You could enroll them to take part in an assault course. They can take on the obstacles and mud that will hold them back, just like the rest of the competitors.

Perhaps this person is a bit too reckless on the roads and has been given a few speeding tickets. Consider giving them the opportunity to drive a sports car with high performance in a safe setting.

3. You should choose something that fulfills your expressed desire

This gives you great opportunity to buy the item they really want, even if they have dropped some subtle or not so subtle hints.

If the present is for someone who has nearly finished her favorite fragrance, don’t go to the nearest department store to buy a new one. You can let her create her own scent.

4. Treat yourself to a full-blown treat

Some people are true champions. They care about others and put their own needs first. This type of person is worth a treat, even if it’s just a token of appreciation. This is a great way to say thank you.

A relaxing aromatherapy massage might be a good option to ease the stress of everyday life. Or, for chocolate lovers, how about a chance to make their own selection box.

These tips will help you choose a gift that is unique and not like others. It should also let the recipient know that you are truly special.