Affordable Carpet Cleaning

As a veteran carpet and upholstery cleaner and owner of a Carpet Cleaners North Shore, I’m often told by customers that carpet cleaning is expensive. They are looking for a reasonable price to clean their carpet. They use phrases such as “that’s quite a lot of change” or “exorbitant” when describing the prices they are quoted.

I inform them that not all carpet cleaners are the same and there are both good and bad. They also need to know that “you get what is promised.” I offer to provide information to help them evaluate their conclusions.

It is important to first understand carpet and what it is used for.

Wall-to-wall carpets are usually made of nylon, wool, or polyester with a backing of a polypropylene. The backing is not to be cleaned and should never become wet after carpet cleaning. Carpet manufacturers tell us to have your carpets professionally cleaned at the IICRC Certified IICRC firm (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification). The carpet will be fully covered by warranty for approximately seven years depending on what your specific carpet warranty says.

If you vacuum your carpets regularly, you can expect to pay around three- to five-hundred to five-hundred for carpet cleaning. The cost to replace carpet is approximately ten to twenty times as expensive!

We shouldn’t get too focused on the lowest price.

Here are some stories from people who shared their experiences with me about the “bargain” carpet cleaning companies they used:

-The company doesn’t have reliable and well-maintained equipment. In some cases, the carpet may be damaged.

The company sends out employees who appear scary and don’t have a great appearance.

-The company sends employees who can’t speak English.

-The company sends people who are positive and have a positive attitude.

-The company never arrives. This is common with smaller carpet cleaning jobs. However, if they have a bigger job the day after that they will just “blow your off.”

– Carpets dry slowly and can take several days to dry. Water marks and a foul odor (mildew) can appear by this time.

-The company will send employees to change the quote they gave over the phone. They want to charge much more for a “deep” clean. This is known as “Bait and Switch.”

Carpet cleaning should always be done in a “deep” manner.

There are two ways to carpet clean. All carpet cleaning jobs should be thorough with all pre-conditioning. This will give you a thorough cleaning that leaves no spots or stains. You will get your money’s value and won’t be needing the service for approximately another year.

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