Recommend Forex Brokers

A reliable broker is the cornerstone of any successful trading operation. Loyal Forex is a top-rated Forex broker. They have recently become a fully private brokerage.

They have since made many important changes for their clients’ benefit and are well on their path to becoming one the most respected Metatrader4 Forex brokers. This review will demonstrate the benefits of Loyal Forex and why they are one among my top-rated forex day trading rules.

Loyal Forex had been an introducing broker to Prime4x prior to their full-fledged private brokerage becoming available in October 2010. Due to this, they took all the problems and limitations of Prime4x with them, which unfortunately did not help their reputation.

Frequent requotes, trade rejections and fluctuating spreads were the most frequent complaints. This was a problem that many serious Forex traders struggled with. If Loyal Forex were not Prime4x’s introducing brokerage, you can bet they wouldn’t be on my list.

Loyal Forex, a privately owned private brokerage, made significant positive changes in the direction of their clients’ benefit. These changes have raised customer satisfaction to an all-time high and resulted in more profits for their clients.

Here are some highlights of Loyal Forex’s offerings:

1. No Stop-Hunting, Rejections or Requotes

Loyal Forex gives you direct market access. Orders are sent through to the market instantly and executed right away. So you will not experience trade rejections or requotes in Forex trading.

Straight Through Processing by Loyal Forex is another option. They don’t act in the market maker role and they won’t take sides with your trades. This guarantees that their interests align with yours, and that you will not experience stop-hunting with unscrupulous brokers.

2. Fixed Spreads at a Low Price

Loyal Forex offers very low fixed rates on over 60 currency pairs as well as metals, futures, and CFDs. You have two options when you want Forex traders to choose from: Fixed Standard account with a minimum $500 deposit which guarantees a 1.8 pip Spread on EUR/USD and 2.5PIP spread on major pairs; and Fixed Pro account with a minimum $2,000 deposit which guarantees an 0.9 pip Spread on EUR/USD, 1 Pip Spread on USD/JPY and 2 Pip Spread on major pairs.

Low fixed spreads are essential for long-term profitability of a Forex robot trader. Each trade that your Forex trader executes earns you a pip extra. This will allow you to make tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, more profit trading Forex robot traders than any other Metatrader4 Forex brokers.

3. Forex Robot Trader Friendly

Loyal Forex, unlike other Metatrader 4 Forex brokers, is extremely supportive of Forex robot traders. They support Forex robot traders and do not restrict scalping or hedge practices. There have been numerous horror stories about traders making large profits with their Forex trader, only for them to lose that profit due to an anti Forex trader policy implemented by Metatrader 4 Forex broker.